The Holy Scale!

Let’s talk about the scale.

Confession: I actually don’t weigh myself, nor do I own a scale.

Another confession: I have had an obsession with my weight before. I have tried to purposefully lose weight despite already being a petite woman. I let someone convince me it was a good idea.

Now I don’t weight myself (except occasionally to check in) and focus on how my body is feeling & my energy levels.

This isn’t to say the scale is all bad, but what I find is most people (especially ladies) are obsessed with the number.

Weight is an estimate, it is not a detailed exact number that interprets health risk. While yes, some weights may not be healthy for a person based on a number of factors – I still don’t focus on the number.

Why? Because I can make you lose weight very quickly with a strict/restrictive plan that isn’t sustainable – but that isn’t where the health benefits are. The health benefits are in long term lifestyle changes you can make forever!

The changes you make to your lifestyle, may not be immediately reflected on the scale. Smaller changes over a longer period of time are more sustainable and achievable for most people. We don’t need to change everything at once to see health benefits. When we make these small changes, some people expect BIG results immediately on the scale like you’d get if you are doing a cabbage soup cleanse or some other crazy trend diet (don’t do this! Plus the first bit is all water weight you lose anyway).

So I usually encourage my clients to not closely monitor their weight. It may be useful to check in on occasion, but focus more on how you are feeling in terms of energy, strength, clothing, confidence, etc.

Regardless of what the scale may tell you initially – increasing your vegetables, increasing your fibre, choosing healthy fats and proteins, increasing/engaging in joyful movement & other healthful habits have positive impact on your health!

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