Let’s Talk About Food

This is life.
Recently, while enjoying some family time and cooking some lobster it occurred to me that I should talk about food.

Sure that’s what I do, but let’s take the discussion a step further. 

Society today puts so much emphasis around what is good food and what is bad food. Depending on where you look or who you ask, foods move from good to bad and back again. It creates confusion & seemingly never ending concepts around what is a “healthy diet”. 

I spend a lot of time with clients working on their relationship with food. When we put in strict rules we are creating an unhealthy relationship with food & in ways this can impact our ability to eat well in a way that works for us.

Have you ever said to yourself you will never have one specific food again because it’s bad (example: ice cream)? 

How long did you last before “caving” & you decided to have that said food? 

How did it feel after you ate that food? 

Did you spend the entire time without it thinking about how you can’t have it? 

Did you follow this event up with eating “clean” or “healthy” to compensate for it?

Food is social. Food is love. Food is celebration, friends & family. 

Somewhere along the way food has become Good & Bad. Sure, there are foods we can live without & there are foods we should probably eat more of (*cough* Vegetables *cough*), but one important component we are missing is how we enjoy the food & our relationship with it. 

Why can’t food just be essentially neutral? 

Why can’t we listen to our body for what it needs & wants – then strike a healthy balance that works for us? 

Why can’t we enjoy food socially, & for celebration? 

Why must we compensate for enjoying food? 

Why must we feel guilty for eating a specific food? 

We should eat when we are hungry, stop when we are satisfied & enjoy the food we eat without guilt. This is a component of being “healthy” & “eating healthy” that seems to be ignored. It’s not just food, there is more to it. 

Let me help you build a better relationship with food, while helping you reach your goal.

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