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Nutrition counselling that is personalized and sustainable for your specific needs.

*Please note: I am currently not accepting any new clients. Thank you for your support.

What Mabee (pronounced: maybe) Today – Nutrition & Wellness is all about

Simplified Nutrition

I will break it down to help you better understand what your needs are. No gimmicks, just real life nutrition advice.


The focus of my approach to nutrition is that I want to help you reach your goal in a way that works for your life. I want to help you make the changes to your lifestyle that you are able to stick with.


Nutrition advice that is backed by nutrition resources that are current and credible. Nutrition advice that has been proven to work.


Every client is different. I do not follow a set template for each client. Set up a FREE 15 minute nutrition check in with me and we can review your needs prior to booking for your first appointment. Enter your information below and I am happy to connect with you.

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